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Chartered Director Program Barbados Nov 2019

Phenomenal Opportunity!

The Chartered Director Program was a phenomenal opportunity to learn the frameworks and knowledge necessary to be an effective director on a board. The other participants in the program were senior members of government, executive management, and board members wanting to improve their skills. There was a mix of people from the Caribbean and Canada. Having it very focused over three days was intense but the instructors were lively and very experienced. The stories made the learning come alive.

Janet Daglish, National Director of Business, Bayshore Healthcare Ltd., Canada
Very relevant case studies and applicable literature presented

In-depth, intense and informative. An excellent Presenter. I can't stop stressing on how Dr. Bart hits the nail on the head.

Virginia Paul-Romain, Executive Assistant, Grenada Electricity Services, Grenada

Participation in this Chartered Director 3 Day Program is strategic and imperative for any person seeking to be a good director. The program is fast-paced and yet, comprehensive. My ability to function effectively as a Director has been significantly enhanced.

Solange Bertilia McKenzie, General Manager, Dominica Electricity Services Ltd, Dominica
Excellent Take-Away Material!

The program is broken down and presented in an easy to understand and simple way. Illustrations are made using practical examples with which participants are familiar. GOOD PROGRAM, GOOD VALUE! Helps tremendously in execution of function as a Board Director.

Glentis Goodwin, Board Director, Financial Services Regulatory Commission, Antigua
This Program has been a great help to me!

I am very glad I was able to attend. My eyes have been opened to a lot of things I did not know before. I am better able to serve on a Board of directors. I would recommend any Director to do the program.

Paul Edwards, Board of Director, Citizenship by Investment Unit, Antigua
Very Good Presentation of Information

An essential course for people serious about executing their role as a Board Director. This is an essential course for new directors and an excellent refresher for experienced directors.

Marlon Shippie, Chief Internal Auditor, TCI Government, Turks and Caicos Islands
A Job Well Done!

The training material was well presented and generated valuable dialogue among the participants. The presenters were on point considering the vast amount of information disseminated during the short period.

Curtis Lloyd, Board Director, Dominica Social Security, Dominica
Time Well Spent

I recommend this training and exposure to Board Members and Management for more effective, decision making and focused planning.

Joseph Peltier, Director, Dominica Electricity Company, Dominica

Financial Literacy Program Antigua September 2019


An excellent, comprehensive refresher course delivered from the perspective of a board/prospective board member. There is a great mix of theory and practical, real-life examples, enhanced by case studies

Whitfield Harris, Financial Secretary, Ministry of Finance & Corporate Governance, Antigua

Interactive and informative sessions blending theoretical concept with the board realities

Carolyn Charles Tonge, Director, Ministry of Finance & Corporate Governance, Antigua

Chartered Director Program St. Lucia May 2019

Great Info!

This is the best governance program I've attended! Great info! Great insight!

Martina Belizaire, President, St. Lucia Teacher's Credit Union
Well Presented

Well designed and delivered Program

Berkeley Greenidge, CEO, Fashcash (BIM) Ltd, Barbados

Antigua, Sep, 2019 - Chartered Director Program


This program was engaging throughout and by far one of the best I have attended.

Jennifer Hadeed, Director, ABI Insurance Co. Ltd, Antigua
Strongly Recommend!

I strongly recommend the Chartered Director Program to all Directors and People thinking of becoming a Director - It will either prepare you to become a good Director or Change your mind

Philbert Mason,
Workshop was very informative!

Many people become Directors and are not aware of the responsibility and liability of being on a board. These sessions created great awareness on the roles, responsibilities and duties of directors

Henley Richardson, Director, ABI Insurance Co, Antigua

Very Engaging session for Directors which allows them to reevaluate their performance as Board Members and of Boards

Lennox Weston, Minister of State, Government of Antigua, Antigua

Chairman's Program St. Lucia July 2019

A Must Attend for Board Members / Chairpersons

The Chairman's Program provides guidance into the functioning of Directors, Boards, and Chairpersons. A must-attend for anyone who wishes to be an effective board member / chairperson

Frank Myers, Chairperson, National Insurance Corporation, St. Lucia
Training Session was well delivered!

Dr. Bart was highly knowledgeable and the content was easily understandable and timely. Will definitely be of great use for all Chairpersons.

Henri-Jacques Mangal, Corporate Secretary & Legal Officer, 1st national Bank St. Lucia Ltd, St. Lucia
Excellent Training Course!

It should be compulsory for all Board Chairs

Isaac Anthony, Chairman, National Insurance Corporation, St. Lucia

Chartered Director Program St. Kitts Apr 2019

Very Engaging!

Very knowledgeable about subject matter and is very engaging!

Laurie Lawrence, Chairman, Bank of Nevis, Nevis
Great information

Good information to assist Chairman of the Board

Adrian Daniel, Director, The Bank of Nevis, St. Kitts and Nevis

Human Resource & Compensation Committee SLU 2019

Learned so much!

I have learned so much from this training regarding the role of not only the HR Committee but clarity was brought regarding the function of the Governance Committee. The tools and templates, as well as the reference materials, are very useful.

LeslieAnn Yearwood, Chairman, State Insurance Company Ltd, Antigua
Fantastic Job by the Faculty

As a Human Resource Professional, I found the information shared to be sound, appropriate and relevant for Boards across industries in the region. Application of the learnings would change the board corporate governance and ultimately improve organizations' effectiveness and success.

Minelva Oculien-Moses, Senior Manager HR, Bank of St. Lucia, St. Lucia
Learned Alot!

The information is very useful. I have learned a lot and it is quite meaningful. Though it was intense, I feel that I will be able to use the information so that I can become an efficient, proficient board member

Jenifer Williams, Board Director, Social Security Board, St. Kitts & Nevis
Excellent Program!

Excellent program and presenters. Content highly applicable for roles and responsibilities of Directors on the HR Committee of Boards.

Pat Payne, Director, Bank of St. Lucia, St. Lucia
Eye Opening!

The program was rather enlightening, eye-opening and disruptive of the theories and viewpoints I held. It was an excellent experience!

Sharon M. Proctor, Human Resources Manager, Board of Education, Antigua & Barbuda

Jamaica Audit Committee Certification Program May 2019

Excellent Course!

Provided valuable information and insight into the industry of audit governance and International best practice.

Edward Gabbidon, Board of Director, Port Authority, Jamaica

Chairman's Program Jamaica May 2019

Informative Day!

It was an informative day with great and relevant insight into Board & Chair responsibilities

Dennis Harris, Board Director, JMMB Group, Jamaica
Program is Inspiring!

As president of both JCCUL and CCCU, I find this program on governance most instructive and inspiring. With the knowledge gained I feel even more enthused in strengthening the governance of both institutions.

Winston Fletcher, President, CCCU, Jamaica

The session was informative and provided NEW information to assist and enhance the impact the Chairman & Board can make to the organization.

John Jackson, Chairman, JDI Corporation, Jamaica

Chartered Director Program St. Kitts Apr 2019

Very Engaging!

Very knowledgeable about subject matter and is very engaging!

Laurie Lawrence, Chairman, Bank of Nevis, Nevis
Great information

Good information to assist Chairman of the Board

Adrian Daniel, Director, The Bank of Nevis, St. Kitts and Nevis

Fin Lit C Program Antigua Feb 4 - 5 2019


CGTI training is essential in developing a culture of good governance in the Caribbean!

Lorraine Raeburn, Chairman, Antigua Commercial Bank, Antigua
Presenter was considered to be quite engaging!

Ted illustrated points using scenarios and case studies that were relevant and perhaps parallel with what we currently experience in our actual roles. He thoroughly addressed concerns from participants. He ensured that the content was appropriately covered, allowing for the smooth flow of the agenda.

Cavelle Joseph, Senior Private Banking Rep, Global Bank of Commerce, Antigua

Ted is very knowledgeable & shares real experiences to explain concepts very well. I learned and was reacquainted with some accounting concepts. Very good presentations. He was able to keep me awake and alert during the entire 2 day presentation.

Rosebud Lander, Chief Financial Officer, The Cable, St. Kitts
Great Session. Very knowledgeable Presenter!

Great case studies and examples

Donovan Herbert, Manager, St. Kitts Social Security Board, St, Kitts
Excellent Presenter

The material was presented with clarity even for someone like me with little financial literacy. Ted was thorough and thought the 2 days were intense, he kept the class alert and attentive.

Charlene Bowry, Senior HR Manager, St. Kitts Social Security Board, St. Kitts
Mr. Sehl is a very good lecturer

Mr. Sehl is a very eloquent speaker. He has a way of holding your attention!

Leona Thomas, Accounts Clerk, The West Indies Oil Company, Antigua
Great Program

Great Program to enhance your knowledge on accounting and policies

Baldwin Anthony, Deputy Chairman, State Insurance Co. Ltd. Antigua
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