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St Kitts 2017 Chartered Director Program

The Chartered Director Program was an eye opener

The 3 days were packed with a wealth of information to allow for self-evaluation and improvement in our respective roles. I would highly recommend this program for all Managers, CEO's and Board Directors

Kerstin J. Petty, Director, Financial Services Regulatory Commission, St. Kitts and Nevis
Awesome Training! Kudos!!

The information & instruction were priceless & invaluable! Thanks CGTI!! I am really looking forward to sharing what I have learned with the CEO of my organization

Alice B. Tyson, Business Management Director, LEFCO Equipment Rental & Construction Co. Ltd., St. Kitts and Nevis
Provides a different perspective

Provides a totally different perspective on becoming a board director. Have a new respect for what goes into BOARD decisions and the information and material that has to be considered before decisions are made.

Ellena Skerritt, Chairman, Skerrit & Associates, St. Kitts and Nevis

Very relevant in today's complex business environment. I highly recommend for existing and aspiring Board Directors and Officers.

Dave Ramsumair, General Manager & Company Head, Scotiabank, St. Kitts and Nevis

Antigua 2017 Chartered Director Program

A "Must Have" tool!

A program that every Board Director should do!

Pinkly Francis, Chairman, Invest St. Lucia
Top Notch Faculty & Materials

This program enhanced my knowledge & understanding of the roles and responsibilities of Directors & Officers in any organization. This is the best seminar I've attended!

D. Trevor Vigo, CEO, Sagicor
This will make me a more effective Director

The knowledge gained through this program facilitated by CGTI will make me a more effective Board Member, taking the right decisions that can only result in a successfully managed organization.

Carol Spencer, President, Antigua & Barbuda Cooperative League
Dr. Chris Bart moderated in fine fashion and style

- Would definitely recommend this programme - Provides for heightened awareness with new ideas and insights - A "MUST" for all Directors, Board Members and CEO's - Learned a lot...Thank you

Robin Shaw, Deputy Chairman, Financial Services Regulatory Commission
The content and facilitators exceeded my expectations

I would encourage Directors and Managers/Officers to invest in their professional development and pursue this Chartered Director Program.

Janet Arlene Winter, Human Resource Manager, Financial Services Regulatory Commission
This course is necessity for any Director or CEO who is governed by a Board

This program is a definite plus. It has opened my eyes to a plethora of information that I otherwise would not have been aware of and not have been able to utilize to improve both mine and my Board's performance.

Colin Gordon, Director, Community First Cooperative Credit Union
I am a stronger Director due to the Caribbean Governance Training Institute

It was a privilege to have the opportunity of this program. I know I will be a better more effective Director and more effective to the organization I serve.

Gladys Potter, Vice President, St. John's Cooperative Credit Union

St Kitts Chartered Director Program

Highly informative and stimulating

The training session was highly informative and stimulating. Much useful information was imparted to those who attended. My tenure on the Board will be enriched having taking this three day course.

Denise R Reovan, Commissioner BVI Financial Services Commission
An important tool to have in this day and age

Very chock-full-of-information and reminds me of my days at university. An important tool to have in this day and age!

Midge Morton, Partner, Morton Robinson LP, St. Kitts & Nevis
Extremely Enlightening

The Chartered Director Program was intense but extremely enlightening. It is a program that all Directors she be exposed to. It provides a great deal of information on the governance of entities and the seriousness of the role of a Director.

Sylvia Gumbs, Commissioner, St. Kitts Financial Services Regulatory Commission

St Vincent Chartered Director Program

Excellent Introduction

This program is an excellent introduction to the principles and practices of contemporary Corporate Governance. It should be mandadory for all new Board members and a refresher for existing Board Members.

Stephen F. Cozier Maduro & Curiel's Bank N.V., Curacao
Well Presented

Excellent content. Well presented. Leaving with very useful information that can be immediately implemented and that will make a significant difference to my organization

Sharon Christie CEO, Kensington Court Group, Barbados
This program is a MUST

In the era of Corporate Governance reform, the Chartered Director Program is a must for anyone who serves or aspires to serve on Corporate Boards and/or committees. It equips you with the requisite skills and tools to contribute effectively in the Boardroom. I therefore highly recommend the program to any aspiring or sitting Director.

Augustus Claytus Etienne Deputy Director, Dominica Social Security, Dominica
Great Course

Great Course! Thank You. I feel so much better prepared to do well as a Director

Karen Gordon-Boyce Director, Demerara Mutual Life, Guyana
Highly Recommend to other Directors

The knowledge I have gained from this program will be very useful in my role as a Director. I will definitely recommend to other Directors.

Jennifer Gulston-Gittens Director, Communal Credit Union, Grenada
Proud to be Chartered Director

The program was extremely intensive but very informative and the skills learned are quite practical and useful for implementation on my Board. I am now a better informed Director and will conduct my duties in an enlightened manner. I am proud to be a Chartered Director.

Mandra Fagan - Permanent Secretary, Dominica Social Security, Dominica

Turks & Caicos Chartered Director Program

It inspired us to start a board...

I attended a Corporate Governance Training seminar with our Chairman in St. Lucia in early 2014. It inspired us to start a board and self-evaluation process of our board and to start a conservation about corporate governance and risk management. I am pleased today that the remainder of our board have joined our Chairman and myself and completed this more advanced version of director training. We are all leaving refreshed and full of ideas to improve our board functions

Oswald Simons, Turks and Caicos, Deputy Chairman Financial Services Commission

A very intensive engaging and well researched and documented training course concentrating on the core issues enhancing personal knowledge

Anton J.B Faessler, President , Turks & Caicos Banking Co. Ltd.
Relevant and concise

The Corporate Governance Program has really provided me with the information, knowledge and skill needed to perform my duties. It has been an intense three days but the information has been relevant and concise. It has highlighted the role responsibility, liability and expectation required of me. Thank you for the tools to now move ahead and perform in my role. Appreciate the many exhibits, books and resources provided so that I don’t have to wonder in the dark.

Millicent Grant, Senior Manager, Integra Services Ltd
I personally recommend

Presentation was enlightened as it highlighted key points of good governance and raised significant awareness and liability risks to boards that may I am certain are unaware of including their rights and obligations. The delivery and insight is commendable. I personally recommend that all Board of Directors should mandatorily undergo this training.

Darika Talbot, Turks & Caicos Ministry of Finance
Inspired me to become more vigilant

This program has really inspired me to become more vigilant about the things that are going on in my organization. The faculty was very knowledgeable and the material they presented was comprehensive. I truly enjoyed the experience and it is something I would do again in the future

Stania Ingraham, Board Secretary, National Health Insurance Board
This training also encouraged me

This training has been very timely and essential. As a result of this training our focus will be on a strategic point of view for our Agenda. This training also encouraged me to stay on the board as there were times I considering resigning.

Drexwell Seymour, Chairman, National Health Insurance Board, Turks & Caicos
Covered a broad range of topics

Covered a broad range of topics in an intelligible and engaging manner. Remarkably, made updating best practice in Corporate Governance Accessible

Paul Dempsey, Partner, Dempsey & Company Turks & Caicos

Family Governance Program

It definitely was an eye opener

This conference was a truly one in the face of global depression and local competition. It definitely was an eye opener, thought provocative session, knowledgable and inspiring session. Family governance is critical: separating the family wants from the business needs, succession planning is crucial to ensure continuity and generations. Lecturers are well informed and knowledge=able on the topics and were very effective. I would recommend this conference to my colleges and other family members to ensure a thorough understanding of the difference between a family council, management, board of directors and their functions.

Cisley Gabriel - Grenada The Country Cold Store Ltd.
Very informative and enlightening

This seminar was very informative and enlightening particularly regarding the transfer of succession oriented to continuity & success, and also the importance of implementing an appropriate core private structure.

Dunstan DuBoulay - Saint Lucia DuBoulay Bottling
The training was an eye opener

The training was an eye opener. If you are in a family business and needs guidance of a few things that should be put in place for your company, especially guidance on the structure. Then this may help you with where to begin. You will be asked the question, how can we separate “family” and “the best interests of the business in long term, especially when there are conflicts”.

Lorna Christopher - Tortola, BVI Maria’s by the Sea
This conference is packed with valuable and critical information

This conference is packed with valuable and critical information for the success of family business and too ensure that family business continues to the 3rd generation and beyond. I was insured to ensure that our family business has a clear and distinctive line between governance for the family and governance of the (family) business.

Ruth Evans - Grenada The Country Cold Store Ltd.
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